who we are ?

We are a group of experienced lawyers and senior law practitioners from many countries in the Middle East and North Africa, who form a passionate team with in-depth knowledge and skill are at your disposal.
Headed by Lawyer Enas Zayed, a Jordanian lawyer with a Master’s degree in Constitutional Law from the University of Jordan in 2014 and a PhD researcher at the University of Birmingham, UK.

The Group provides, in the language spoken by the client, all legal advice and services to individuals, organizations, associations, small, medium and large companies, including the establishment of lawsuits in all places of our presence and representation of clients before the competent courts, in addition to conducting all legal transactions at the public and private authorities .

We specialized in comprehensive guidance and legal advice on the opening of private and corporate projects, local and cross-border trade (distribution, agency, franchise) and investment projects, recovery, insurance claims, transport contracts, real estate and construction, personal status, economic migration, Public procurement, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), compliance reviews, drafting of various types of contracts and their documentation with the competent authorities, while the service of our clients is done in their own language.


Vision and business philosophy

Justice, development and humanity, these three principles are our  philosophy of working .



Through our extensive team in various countries of the world, we support the rights and the oppressed. Achieving justice is our supreme goal.
we working on convergence the views between the conflicting parties, through the arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, to the appropriate judicial procedures in front of courts and competent authorities locally and internationally.


We believes that the law must keep pace with the economy, so we provide you with economic advice based on the law governing the nature of your business, we have a legal and economic team is able to help you by setting your budget and advise you to face and challenge all legal risks you may face.
You can Build Your Project with all Legal and Economic information you need wherever you are .


Because the legal profession is a humanitarian profession, we belives of providing legal aid and relief to those individuals who need it and do not have the enough costs of obtaining it.
We covers the legal costs and expenses of these individuals as well as we defend them for free. In order to ensure their access to justice regardless of financial obstacles.


Locally and internationally

Whether you are looking for legal advice in your country or on the other side of the globe, we will assist you from your local qualified legal professionals who are familiar with local legislation.
Our worldwide team is operating under one legal identity and under the name of one office.


Legal services we cover:

Litigation: In various types of legal, criminal, legal and administrative cases
Such as
• Financial claims
• Corporate and business operations
Franchise contracts
• Intellectual property and patents
• Trademarks and trade secrets
• Transport and supply chain
• Labor claims and rights
• Ports and logistics
• Insurance of all kinds
• Contracting, real estate and construction issues
• Trade and economic migration
• Banking, financial and tax operations
• Online trade
• Medical and pharmacological errors
• Insolvency
• Commercial Mortgage
• Commercial agencies
• Investment
• Documentary Credits
• Securities and Stock Exchanges
• Taxes and customs